Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Fig 1 - the author proudly displays her new vileda mop

I'm oddly into my home these days, which may be the first time in my history that I am without the impending birth of a baby (in fact I think rumours are starting to float around that I must be pregnant). It has to do with getting rid of excess junk - suddenly you become aware of how much room you actually have when you remove all those overflowing buckets of Lego , at least 18 pounds worth.

Just to show you what a geek I am I actually researched a new mop - I wanted a swiffer, but preferably a reusable one and one not made by procter & gamble. I liked this one but a few people complained of it breaking after 3 -6 uses. How environmentally friendly is a discarded mop? I ended up with a nice vileda, which I discovered at my local home hardware. But who exactly are the Freudenberg Group?