Thursday, August 30, 2007

What a wonderful day

This morning I woke up and received an invitation via email to participate in a group show with a number of artists that I greatly admire. I was so excited about it that I started shrieking (albeit quitely so I wouldn't disturb the woman with the gigantic ears who lives below me), and my children, particularly my 6 year old, could not understand why I was so happy to make art when, according to him, I'm doing that all the time. Unfortunately the show will be happening in another country so I don't think I'll make the opening.

The first round of sketches for the illustration job I'm currently working on are complete, and I have to admit I'm a little nervous! What if they hate them?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hello world, again.

Life is infinitely better when you get to do what you want for your work. After a day of graphic design, there are a million adult concerns that need to be addressed and if I'm lucky I get to draw sometime after the kids go to bed and the tiredness sets in. But for the past week and the next few to come I get to draw all day, and not having the urge to do late night graphic design, I find myself with a bit of free time. Its been ages.

I'm trying to start exercising again. It seems that for the past little while I've had a lot of bad feelings and I'm hoping this will help cure it. Of course, a lot of bad feeling came from not feeling like I had enough time to draw. And I want to exercise because one of the other things I love doing is playing ice hockey, but I've never returned to the fitness level I had before my second baby came along. Nothing can ruin your love of playing ice hockey like being too damn tired to get the puck. So I need to get in shape to play hockey, and honestly, that's about the only thing that will motivate me to exercise.

It seems that everything is getting better and its mostly due to the picture book I get to do. My first picture book, and here's hoping its' the first of many more to come. And maybe I might even find the time to illustrate a blog entry or two.