Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I'm full of turkey, I've put away all the kids' toys, made a pile of boxes and paper to be recycled, and finally have turned my attention to this sorely neglected blog. In the back of my mind are the many posts that I started but never got around to actually writing, about my new marilyn lee handbag or luxurious transforming blanket/pillow or the beautiful tomatoes in my garden (and egad! its december already) or the hockey and how bad we're doing this season, but I guess I have to stick to the things that I'm currently obsessed about.

I've become quite a fan of Rutu Modan lately (and her excellent Exit Wounds), her amazing artwork has inspired me to comics again. Since every day as a parent brings a new story I'm leaning to a comic about motherhood. Its amazing the effort involved, and like many of my other projects I'm much further along in my head than I am in real life. I worry a bit though, about writing about things that happen to me, because then in fact I'm writing a comic about me, and I feel pretty confident that I'll be the only one who's truly interested. So I'm thinking up some other storylines to pad it out a bit.

I've been attending some life drawing classes lately with a friend, and we sit unschooled among the professionals and talk about how much we still have to learn. I rarely ever look at things when I draw and I'm realizing how bad I am at translating what I see to paper. Maybe if I drew them with big heads and tiny eyes I might like them better. The good thing though, is I absolutely love it.

And, good news! I'm working on my second picture book for Yeowon Media in Korea. I'm a happy happy camper. I think its an exciting life when a part of you is thinking, I really want to go to work right now. And I did a bit, but you can't really spend all of Christmas day with your family, with your nose in a sketchbook.