Sunday, April 6, 2008

ooo, my new moleskine cahier from paperfarrago on etsy came in the mail. Its good timing too because I'm in a crazed drawing mood these days and my sketchbook is almost full. Its not as though I have nothing else to draw in, having a sketchbook as well as an art supply addiction, but one down means I get to add another.

My son is a bit of a Calvin & Hobbes fanatic, and at the tender age of nearly 7 has gone through the 3 anthologies we had in the house. We went to the two bookstores within walking distance only to find they were sold out. All the copies at the library were checked out. They did fortunately have Fantagraphics' excellent Peanuts collection, which I checked out for him in spite of his unwavering belief that he wouldn't enjoy it as much as Calvin & Hobbes. Telling a 7 year old that the Bill Watterston has everything to owe to Charles Schulz didn't mean anything to him, but of course he absolutely loves it. He also has a fondness for sharing every second strip with me which started coming out in my drawings. I can't help it, but I'll share it.


remain.anonymous said...

You know what? I love all of your artwork. It inspire me to work on my art. :)