Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Messy Table

I've been working from home for the last few days, which has meant toting all my art supplies from my studio to my house. Fortunately I'm pretty portable these days. I have less space working on the dinner table, and it doesn't take long before I'm spread out everywhere, especially now that I have 3 different brands of oil pastels I like to use.

I just bought a box of Erengi Art Aspirers having read a few reviews comparing them to my much beloved neopastels.They were on sale and in spite of having to get them shipped from the States were still a pretty good deal. An example of overconsumption though - I did not need to buy more, but now I have a lovely new range of colours to play with!

I'm working on the color images now for the picturebook for Rubicon, and this is the tough part for me. I've read a bunch of books on colour and it still pretty much boils down to instinct. They'll either feel right, or they won't. Its funny that I've been having troubles with skin tones - why is it in nature we never look at someone and say, your complexion completely clashes with the landscape! Wouldn't that be funny. But my kids were far too orangey in the beginning, and making them a little darker brown sure helped.

Here's a version I played around with a bit on the computer. Not the final piece, though!

I Hear Thunder
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