Thursday, October 25, 2007

Typing is a difficult thing when you have to do it wearing a splint. There were a few times in last night's hockey game when I wanted to shout "what the hell are you doing?!!", or more specifically, "why are you brutalizing me so badly when I'm playing defence?" or, "why did you slash me so hard that you managed to break my finger through my glove when I don't even have the puck?" or also "why are there two of you on me when you're on a penalty kill, don't you know you should only send one in deep?". Suffice to say we did not have the best game last night in spite of the numerous penalties the other team had, to the point that for one whole power play we couldn't even manage to get it out of our own end. And while rivalries always surface in the game of hockey, a slash that breaks my finger only leads to something deeper. More like and out and out war. Watch it the next time we're on the ice, you @#$@# Penguins!

Thank god its only my ring finger which seems to see only very minimal use in my daily life. Although it is a little difficult holding a pen with the splint, so its going to have to come off for some daily drawing sessions.


*<* said...

it's crummy that they had to be so brutal. to cheer you up, i added you to my 'cache' under super neato annie. bye!